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President Obama throws first pitch on baseball Opening Day

Fans at a Washington Nationals game against the Philadelphia Phillies
Fans at a Washington Nationals game against the Philadelphia Phillies
Kitty Felde/KPCC

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The Dodgers start their season today in Pittsburgh, playing the Pirates. The Angels season starts tonight against the Minnesota Twins. But the nation's Opening Day was celebrated in Washington, D.C.

I'm sorry to hear it's raining in Los Angeles, Dodger and Angel fans. It is a gorgeous day here in Washington, D.C. Opening Day in our nation's capital.

The cherry blossoms are in bloom out in the outfield. And the president of the United States threw out the first pitch. It's the hundredth anniversary of that tradition. President Obama actually stood on the pitchers' mound, and cleared home plate. It was a very high pitch, I might point out. But it did clear home plate.

Kitty's view from the stands:

It's a sea of red in the stadium as opposed to Dodger Stadium and its sea of blue. Angels Stadium should be a sea of red for tonight's game against the Twins. But in Nats' Stadium, the Phillies are also a red team, and so it's hard to tell which fan is which.

Phillies fans are more vocal than the very polite Washington Nats fans. Christian Johnson explains why. Johnson is from Virginia, but his family’s from Burbank.

He’s been a Dodger fan from birth and he compares the boys in blue to the Washington Nationals. Simply put, he says, "the Dodgers we expect to get to the playoffs maybe, and the Nationals we’re hoping for some good young ballplayers. They’d be lucky to get 75 wins. But they’ll have Steven Strassberg come up maybe, so that’s exciting."

Johnson said he came to the stadium to root against the Phillies "for beating us the last two years."

I found a few Californians wearing their hometown baseball caps.

San Francisco Giants fan Michael Kwan from San Jose says there's something exciting about Opening Day. He says people look forward to it. "I got excited last night when the Red Sox played the Yankees and I’m not a big fan of either one of those teams," he says.

And how are the Giants going to do this year? Kwan is unapologetic. "Oh, they’re going to win the West," he says.

Typical Giants trash talk, says Eric Gascho who wore his Dodger blue to the Nats' Opening Day. He says he doesn't get hassled when he wears his Dodger gear out on the street. He loves it when he says another L.A. hat. "I can walk up and say 'go Dodgers!' You don’t see it that often. Or see someone wearing a Giant fan and go talk trash to them."