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UC Berkeley law professor Goodwin Liu faces tough GOP questions from Senate Judiciary Committee

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UC Berkeley law professor Goodwin Liu faced tough questions today on Capitol Hill. Liu has been nominated for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee questioned Liu’s agenda, experience, and judicial temperament.

Texas Senator John Cornyn pointed out that despite Professor Liu's many academic achievements, he's never tried a case in a court of law. "I guess the question I have is – is this the right job for you?"

Senator Jon Kyl of Arizona pointed to one paragraph of an article written by Liu and described the language as “vicious” and “racially charged.” Kyl said, "this calls into question your judicial temperament."

Oklahoma Senator Tom Coburn admitted he disagreed with more than just one paragraph. "I must tell you," he said, "based on what I’ve read I’m highly concerned. I think you and I have a completely different philosophy when we look at the U.S. Constitution."

Democrats on the Committee took turns throwing softball questions to Liu. Dianne Feinstein from California praised the nominee’s “amazing cool.”

Liu’s 4-week-old baby boy was not as serene. During questioning by Senator Kyl, the child started crying and had to be removed from the hearing room.