'Invisible Siegfrieds' march as part of Ring Festival

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This summer, the L.A. Opera will stage the first complete performance of Richard Wagner’s four-part Ring Cycle in Los Angeles. The city is marking the presentation with the Ring Festival. Georg Nussbaumer is an Austrian composer whose contribution to the Ring Festival is a project called Invisible Siegfried.

For the past several days, Georg Nussbaumer has led evening marchers along Sunset Boulevard toward the Pacific Ocean. They wear camouflage helmets, a nod to a prop in the Ring Cycle, and they're led by an opera singer covered in blankets and wheeled in a cart. She represents Brunnhilde, the leader of the Valkyries. Georg Nussbaumer spoke with KPCC's Alex Cohen about the Invisible Siegfrieds project, which is hosted by Villa Aurora.

(Audio: KPCC's Alex Cohen spoke with Georg Nussbaumer about the project and the reaction it's generated)