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ICE attorney convicted of taking bribes from immigrants

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A federal jury has convicted a senior federal attorney with Immigration and Customs Enforcement for taking bribes. The bribes came from immigrants who wanted documentation to remain in the United States.

A couple of years ago, 39-year-old Constantine Peter Kallas of Alta Loma was an assistant chief counsel to the agency known as “ICE”. That’s before FBI special agents caught Kallas accepting a bribe from an immigrant at the San Manuel Indian Bingo Casino in Highland.

It was the last of several incidents in which Kallas and his wife told illegal immigrants that he was a high-ranking immigration official, a judge for example, who could obtain immigration benefits for them in exchange for payments as high as $20,000.

Federal prosecutors said Kallas even took a $7,000 bribe from his housekeeper. Authorities said it was a quid pro quo in which he tried to have ICE dismiss proceedings against the housekeeper’s daughter.

The federal jury found Kallas guilty of three dozen corruption and bribery-related charges. He faces a maximum sentence of 256 years in prison.