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Volunteers to paint sun-faded surfaces on LA County coast

Lifeguard Towers Project artistic rendering
Lifeguard Towers Project artistic rendering
Courtesy Portraits of Hope

More than 1,000 volunteers are gearing up to paint lifeguard stands, their railings and other sun-faded surfaces along 31 miles of Los Angeles County coastline on Sunday.

The project, dubbed "Summer of Color," is being led by Portraits of Hope, a nonprofit group that engages youths in public projects. Anyone can sign up by going to a lifeguard tower, starting at 8 a.m. People can also sign up at participating Starbucks coffee shops.

Sunday's event will be the prelude to a 5-month "Summer of Color" exhibition starting in mid-May in which art panels will be painted by nearly 6,000 children in hospitals, schools, and social service programs. The panel will then be installed on the walls and rooftops of lifeguard towers.

Each tower's railings will get one of five vibrant colors: yellow, rumba orange, sweat pea, Toronto blue, and crocus petal purple.

The supplies will be donated by corporate sponsors.

Portraits of Hope was founded by brothers Ed and Bernie Massey to create public art projects that serve as creative therapy for hospitalized children and to get students of all ages involved in civic leadership projects.