Poppies peaking in Antelope Valley

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Poppies may be at their peak this weekend in the Antelope Valley, and the valley's golden poppy reserve and the city of Lancaster are fielding plenty of visitors for the spectacle.

The Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve lies in northern Los Angeles County, a little south of the 138 Freeway. Poppies, goldfields, and lupines are on display along miles of walkable trail in windy chaparral territory.

This time of year ,the reserve crowds with photographers eager to capture the golden bloom. That's one reason that 15 miles to the east, Lancaster is holding its annual Poppy Festival in the city's park.

Food, and vendors cover 55 acres of territory. Four stages play host to local musicians, international acts, and wildlife conservation demonstrations.

Parking's free at the California Poppy Festival, but the City of Lancaster charges 8 dollars admission for each adult. At the state-run Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve admission's free; parking is 8 dollars a car.