CSU let go over 2,000 lecturers in last year

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The California State University system let go nearly 2,500 instructors in the last year, according to the union that represents faculty at Cal State’s 23 campuses.

The California Faculty Association says Cal State campuses in Fullerton, Northridge, San Bernardino and Dominguez Hills each lost more than a hundred instructors. The Long Beach campus did not re-hire 237 instructors.

The vast majority of these layoffs happened to part-time lecturers with less job security than tenured faculty. No tenured faculty have lost their jobs because of budget cuts, but some teaching positions remain unfilled.

Student enrollment remains roughly the same throughout the system, so the drop in instructors has created heavier workloads for the remaining faculty. Faculty association president Lillian Taiz said unpaid days off teachers accepted last year were supposed to preserve jobs.

She added that Cal State’s administrators have not shared equally in the sacrifice during a two-year period in which the university system has seen state funds dry up by more than $600 million. Cal State President Charles Reed has said he has carried out cuts and furloughs at the central office.