LA Unified cancels hundreds of layoff notices

The Los Angeles Unified School District Board of Education voted this afternoon to rescind 522 preliminary layoff notices.

The board was able to do so because United Teachers Los Angeles agreed to five unpaid days off this academic year and seven the next.

”It truly is a good moment in a very, very difficult spring. I want to highlight also that our bargaining unit members have sacrificed to make this happen,” said board member Steve Zimmer.

The agreement with UTLA over unpaid days off also allowed L.A. Unified to rescind about 1,400 layoff notices last month. The school district used about $100 million in federal stimulus funds last year to avoid sending out pink slips.

The school district could still carry out massive layoffs by the fall. Vivian Ekchian, L.A. Unified's head of human resources, warned district administrators that nearly 1,100 employees still hold preliminary layoff notices that may become permanent by the end of summer if hundreds of millions of dollars aren't cut from next fiscal year's budget.

Ekchian told board member Monica Garcia the number of preliminary layoff notices would have been much less if the state changed its notice requirement from March 15 to June 15.

“Had we waited for the school purchases and for the furlough agreements to be in place, we would have avoided a lot of pain.”