Cal State Fullerton cuts three foreign language degrees

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As a cost-cutting move the president of California State University Fullerton is eliminating the bachelors and masters degrees in German. He's also eliminating the masters degree in French.

Students already enrolled in those degree programs will be allowed to finish. Five people were set to earn those degrees this year.

The writings of Goethe and Flaubert are far from banished from campus, but they’re certainly withering on the vine. Administrators point to declining enrollment as a main reason those degrees fell to the budget axe.

Cal State Fullerton President Milton Gordon told modern language instructors that he’s maintaining, for now, the bachelors degree in French along with classes to earn a minor in Portuguese, German, or French.

In February, language professors rallied to support the curriculum as the university sought to close a nearly $39 million funding gap. Professors argued that cutting the majors would disrupt business school programs that train students to conduct business in European countries. Public schools would suffer, instructors said, because some students who earn those foreign language degrees plan to teach in public schools.