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LAPD announces underage drinking crackdown for graduation season

The Los Angeles Police Department announced that just in time for graduation season, they will be dedicating part of their police force to battle underage drinking.

Beginning June 1 and continuing through June 20, 21 vice units will be deployed throughout Los Angeles targeting adults who will buy or serve alcoholic beverages to minors, as part of “Operation ABC.”

“The project is designed to curtail the accessibility of alcoholic beverages and promote safe and sober graduations,” LAPD Sgt. Fernando Garcia said in a statement.

Operation ABC will enlist minors who will act as decoys to catch adults willing to furnish alcohol to them. These underaged decoys who will be working with the dedicated vice units will attempt to buy alcohol from store clerks. They will also stand outside stores to ask adults to purchase alcohol for them.

The plan is part of Los Angeles Unified School District’s annual Safe and Sober Graduation Operation affecting 89 high schools in the district.

“The consequences can be very serious,” Sgt. Garcia said in a later interview, warning that underaged drinking affects their driving skills. “They may end up in traffic collisions where they can seriously hurt themselves or others.”

Anyone found guilty of purchasing alcohol for a minor can face up to a $500 fine. Those found guilty of selling alcohol to minors will face a $1,000 fine and 24 hours of community service.