LA City Council votes to raise DASH fares

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Los Angeles County Metro fares are going up next month. The cost of rides on DASH buses in the city of L.A. will rise, too. The L.A. City Council voted Friday to double those fares by next summer.

Right now, it costs a quarter to hop onto most DASH buses that link passengers between transit hubs or make neighborhood errands easier to run. Starting August 1, that short-haul fare will go up by a dime, and it’ll rise to .50 by next July.

The L.A. City Council acted on city transportation commission advice to generate more money by raising fares and cutting service. The service most likely to face cuts includes three DASH lines in downtown L.A. and others in Hollywood, Warner Center and Hyde Park.

Changes are also in the works for Commuter Express lines the city of L.A. transportation department runs along with DASH. After next July, the lowest fares will climb from .90 to $1.50 and the highest will go from $3.10 to $4.25. Commuter Express will also shed routes between Simi Valley and Warner Center, Van Nuys and downtown L.A. and Pacific Palisades and downtown.

The changes are subject to a final L.A. City Council vote on Tuesday.