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Van Nuys woman who allegedly ferried pot via charter jet due in court today

A woman who allegedly ferried pot from Van Nuys to Columbus, Ohio, on a chartered jet is expected in federal court today for a detention hearing.

Lisette Lee, 28, had about 506 pounds of pot in 13 suitcases when she was arrested Monday in Ohio by Drug Enforcement Administration agents, authorities said. She is charged with conspiracy and possession with the intent to distribute drugs.

Lee, who traveled with several other people, claimed to be a Beverly Hills socialite, model and recording artists. Rumors that she was an heir to the Samsung Electronics fortune were dispelled by a company statement, the Los Angeles Times reported.

The chartered flight to Columbus, with a dozen suitcases or more, was Lee's fourth, according to DEA agents. She told agents the plane was kept on retainer by her family.

Those claims, among others, are under investigation, according to the DEA.