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Congressman Joe Baca wants GOP support for immigration reform

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President Obama pushed for comprehensive immigration reform during a visit to a Washington, D.C., college campus today. A Southern California congressman who’s advocated reform for years said he appreciated the speech.

In a speech at American University, President Obama said people everywhere are frustrated with a broken immigration system. But he said he can’t pass a reform bill without Republican votes.

Democratic Congressman Joe Baca of San Bernadino says that not so long ago, the nation’s top Republican made a similar pitch for comprehensive immigration reform.

"President Bush wanted to pass this. I mean, he wanted comprehensive immigration. He knew the importance of it, but certain members on his side of the House didn’t want to pass."

Democrats promote a measure that would increase border security, impose tough sanctions for employers who hire undocumented workers and also create a pathway to legal residence for the estimated 12 million illegal immigrants who already live in this country.