Cypress councilman Luebben calls for vote to support Arizona immigration law

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The Cypress City Council tonight will talk about whether to support Arizona’s new, tough immigration law - and condemn California cities that don’t. It's the third time in as many meetings that the city council has batted around the proposal.

One of the resolutions by Cypress City Councilman Phil Luebben criticizes Los Angeles, Santa Ana and other cities that back an economic boycott of Arizona over its new immigration law. The other resolution would have Cypress join Yorba Linda, Orange, Costa Mesa and Rancho Santa Margarita as a so-called “Rule of Law” city.

"A layman’s way of saying we are not a sanctuary city," said Luebben. "Illegal immigrants are not welcome in our city. And it’s just making a public statement to the community that that’s where Cypress stands. That we do follow the rule of law and that illegal immigration is a problem that needs to be dealt with."

Luebben, who describes himself as a conservative Republican, says he’s received hundreds of supportive e-mails, letters and phone calls since he introduced similar resolutions on June 14 and 29.

On both occasions, they died because he couldn’t get a council colleague to second his motion for a vote. Leubben says this time, he’s hoping to get that vote.