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Oil company may be making progress on capping Gulf of Mexico spill

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Oil company BP is in the process of installing a new containment cap at the source of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill Monday.

BP spokesman John Curry told KPCC’s Larry Mantle that once it’s installed, the company will gradually close the well to see whether the new cap can withstand the pressure.

"It allows us to test the integrity of the well by – we’ll shut it in, we’ll test the pressure of the well and the integrity of the well, and you know, if the integrity is sound, then we can leave it shut in until we ultimately kill the well with the relief wells. And of course if the integrity is not what we hope it to be, then we can open it up and ramp up our containment options."

Oil has flowed unrestricted since the company removed an unsuccessful cap on Saturday.

BP will try to begin using an oil production vessel that’s recovering some oil from the spill.