Activists in Westminster want city to adopt anti-illegal immigrant ordinance

The city of Westminster is the latest to debate whether to support Arizona’s move to enforce federal immigration law. Supporters of the Arizona law plan to make their case at tonight’s Westminster city council meeting.

In a letter to the Westminster city council, Vaughn Becht urged the elected body to do as neighboring Orange did last month: support Arizona homeowners and businesses and work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement in its efforts to crack down on illegal immigration.

Becht said he wants to improve his city’s economy and schools.

"To cut back the illegal immigrants that are invading, that’s what they are, invading the city, all over the nation, Orange County, California, you name it. Hopefully this will slow that down."

Yorba Linda passed a similar resolution last month. Orange city leaders supported Arizona’s efforts in response to protest resolutions by the city councils of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Santa Ana.