UC predicts large increase in community college transfer students

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Figures the University of California released today suggest that the first-year student body this fall will be slightly more diverse and older than usual.

There’s a significant increase in California community college students who intend to register at UC campuses in the fall. Nearly 16,000 of them — 2,000 more than last year — have filed to register. That’s despite fee increases and budget-driven cuts in enrollment.

Diversity’s also increasing at the university’s 10 campuses. Nearly a quarter of UC’s fall freshman class — a slightly higher proportion than last year — labels itself Latino. Almost four of every 100 freshmen categorized themselves as African-American. That represents a razor-thin increase from last year. Both enrollments are still far below each group’s representation in the statewide population.

University admissions officials patted themselves on the back. They said the numbers indicate an incoming class that reflects California’s ethnic diversity.