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House Democrats ask President Obama for campaign help

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President Obama met with House Democrats last night. The day before, he met with Democratic Senators. The official purpose was to outline legislative priorities for the summer. House Democrats had another agenda: they want the president’s help in a tough re-election year.

This is how Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer described her meeting at the White House: "It was a wonderful kind of a reunion, almost because, as you know, both the president and vice president who were both there served in the Senate."

It was less of a party when House Democrats showed up. Xavier Becerra of Los Angeles put it this way: “It’s always nice to sit down with the president of the United States.”

Many House Democrats are stinging from a comment by White House spokesman Robert Gibbs that they might lose their majority in the House. Becerra said they asked the president for a little help from the campaigner-in-chief.

"We recognize that he’s extremely busy," Becerra said. "But to the degree that he can make a trip out, or when he’s heading to a certain part of the country, if he can take a moment to speak to some voters in a particular Congressional district, we’d love it."

Some House members complain that the president is spending more time campaigning for Senate candidates.