Angry responses to Bell salaries

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People in the city of Bell are responding to a recent Los Angeles Times article that reported their city manager makes nearly almost $800,000 a year and the chief of police receives double the LAPD Chief‘s pay.

Denisse Rodarte belongs to a citizens group that formed in response to the news about salaries. She told KPCC’s Larry Mantle that after the Times published its article, close to 500 people attended the next Bell city council meeting.
“Everyone was outraged. I think no one really had a clue of how much these people were making in city hall and when they found out, they were like ‘this is what our tax money is going to?’ You know we have a really working-class community in Bell and some people work two jobs to pay the taxes in the city. So when they heard what was going on, they showed up, we all showed up in full force and we let them know that we don’t approve of what they’re doing to our city.”
Council members in the small city claim they didn’t know about the inflated salaries. The council’s responsible for supervising the city manager and approving city officials’ income. The part-time members make about $100,000 a year.