Comic-Con alights in Southern California for its 40th year

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The giant pop culture convention Comic-Con International opens to the public Thursday in San Diego.

(Audio of KPCC's Alex Cohen interviewing Josh Flanagan, co-editor of iFanboy.com.)

Comic-Con spokesman David Glazner says that since it began in 1970 the event has expanded beyond comic books to include video games, animation, and especially movies.

"I didn’t start coming to the show as a fan of comics, I started coming as a fan of movies. And I discovered comics here and I thought, you know, along with the board, you know what, we really need to advertise to a wider audience. And I think that’s really developed into people realizing that, you know, there’s something in comics for everybody. And that’s certainly been embraced by Hollywood now."

Glazner told KPCC’s Larry Mantle that passes to this year’s Comic-Con sold out nearly a year ago. That made some fans unhappy – and gave rise to scalping at what Glazner called exorbitant prices.