[Updated] Driver killed in Greyhound bus crash identified, 14 others killed or injured

Six people died and a dozen others were injured in a Greyhound bus accident early this morning in Fresno. The bus left Los Angeles Wednesday at 8 p.m. and was on its way to Sacramento with 35 passengers.

CHP Officer Kirk Arnold says the driver apparently lost control as he swerved to avoid another accident along Highway 99.

“The Greyhound bus hits one vehicle," he said. "It overturns. It's uncertain whether or not it was overturned prior to the Greyhound bus; at this point we’re still investigating that.

The driver, 57-year-old James Jewett, was one of the six people killed. Nine more were seriously injured.

Jewett, who was from Sacramento, had a single ticket in 2008 for failing to register his personal vehicle, the California Department of Motor Vehicles said. He had no other driving violations.

The officer said that after the initial impact, the bus veered to the right, hit a second vehicle.

That was the third vehicle involved in the collision, the officer said.

After the second impact, it continued down an embankment and hit a large eucalyptus tree before stopping.


The AP contributed to this story.