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NAACP to convene in Los Angeles next year

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The nation’s oldest civil rights organization plans to hold its next annual conference in Los Angeles. The NAACP announced its selection today.

It’ll be the 102nd annual gathering of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People. The civil rights organization addresses equality under the law, voter registration, immigration policy and health care among other issues.

In recent days it’s returned to the headlines in the spin that surrounded a U.S. Department of Agriculture official’s firing and rehabilitation over her recorded remarks to NAACP members years ago.

The non-partisan organization — while not as prominent as in decades past — still exerts significant social and political influence. Los Angeles convention promoters also note its economic influence — they expect the conference to occupy almost 13,000 hotel rooms and to generate more than $11 million for the region’s economy. The NAACP meets in L.A. next July 23 through 28.