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LA County water districts offer cash for grass

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You’ve heard of “Cash for Clunkers?” How about “tens and twenties for turf?” A new rebate program is launching from the Los Angeles County Waterworks districts.

If the grass is always greener somewhere else, in this case, it’s even greener when it’s gone. The LA County Waterworks Districts will give participants $1 for every square foot of lawn they take out and replace with drought-resistant landscaping. The per-property limit is 5,000 square feet.

LA County estimates that every square foot of grass people change out saves 55 gallons of water per year. So officials hope lower water bills will encourage property owners to try it. The goal is to get rid of water-thirsty grass lawns - and to promote yards that landscape with native plants.

The Waterworks Districts provide water for the people of Malibu, the Antelope Valley, Kagel Canyon, Acton, and Val Verde.