New poll shows Meg Whitman leads Jerry Brown in governor's race

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A new poll indicates that, for the first time, Meg Whitman leads Jerry Brown in the governor’s race.

The Rasmussen poll indicates that 48 percent of likely voters support Whitman, and 40 percent back Brown, the state’s attorney general. The poll’s 4 percent margin of error means the two could be tied at 44 percent, but Whitman strategists said it likely means their candidate’s taken a slight lead.

The poll results surfaced as the billionaire businesswoman campaigned at a rivet factory in the city of Industry. “I will be the very best salesman for California business that you have ever seen," said Whitman. "I will defend business, I will bring back to this state and we are not going to lose any more jobs to neighboring states because our future depends on it."

Jerry Brown’s suggested that Whitman’s trying to buy the governor’s office. He’s campaigned little this summer.

That’s changing. Brown held two events this week – one in Santa Rosa and another at a San Diego biodiesel company.