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Irvine billionare Donald Bren's adult children fail to win back child support

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Billionaire Donald Bren has prevailed in a Los Angeles courtroom. Two of his children sued him for child support, and lost.

Bren’s son and daughter by a longtime girlfriend took the Irvine Company chairman to court asking for $134 million in retroactive child support. David and Christie Bren are young adults now.

A jury rejected their request for $400,000 a month each, for the 14 years that ended in 2002. Their mother had testified Bren had given her about $3 million dollars for them during that period – and the jurors apparently felt that was enough.

The childrens’ attorney had argued that even though Bren had supported them, their lifestyle was not on par with that of their father, whom he says has ”lived like a maharajah." Forbes magazine estimates his wealth at $12 billion.

But Donald Bren's lawyer called the suit a brazen money grab, countering that the two kids had enjoyed a privileged upbringing in Beverly Hills, tuition through grad school and luxury cars from their father when they were old enough to drive. The plaintiffs' lawyer says they’ll appeal.