Vernon administrator got $380K salary plus consulting fees

VERNON - Vernon's city administrator has been relieved of his duties while officials examine his annual salary of more than $380,000 and about $240,000 he was paid this year through his wife's consulting company.

Vernon officials said Friday that Donal O'Callaghan is on paid leave for 30 days while they conduct a comprehensive review of his financial dealings with the city.

O'Callaghan billed $300 per hour when he worked more than 160 hours a month, even though such overtime arrangements are uncommon in the public sector.

Last year he earned a salary of $388,000 plus almost $400,000 for consulting, which works out to 1,321 extra hours or an average of 25 extra hours per week.

On New Year's Day, he clocked 13 hours.


Information from: Los Angeles Times

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