Long Beach plans to layoff 130 city employees

LONG BEACH - Long Beach officials are making a list of 130 municipal employees who will be laid off in October, it was reported today.

At least 23 police officers and 12 firefighters are included in the planned layoffs.

But those 130 workers may just be the start, the Long Beach Press-Telegram reported today. If surviving city employees vote to collect promised pay increases, the number of layoffs would need to be increased to 230 workers, including 72 police officers, city officials said.

Negotiations between the city and various employee unions continue, but the city Civil Service Commission on Wednesday will be asked to order both layoff lists to be filled out, city officials told the newspaper.

Last year, the employees made concessions that staved off layoffs. The Press-Telegram says employees unions are less eager to sacrifice a second year.

The layoffs will be effective Oct. 1, unless some additional funds can be found, which might delay the cuts by a week or two. Ken Walker, a city personnel manager, said the city will do its best to warn affected employees of their pending termination, but the city is only required to give a three day warning.

Long Beach, with 495,000 residents, is the second largest city in Los Angeles County and the sixth largest city in the state.