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Dodgers owner Frank McCourt's divorce trial begins

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The divorce trial of Dodgers owner Frank McCourt and his wife Jamie begins this morning. It’s the biggest celebrity divorce case in Southern California in years. It’ll be pretty expensive, too.

We don’t know who’ll own the Dodgers when the McCourts’ courtroom drama ends. But you could sign a good ballplayer for what they’re paying to get divorced. Molly Knight, who profiled the McCourts in “ESPN the Magazine,” talked about that with KPCC’s Alex Cohen.

"Legal experts are estimating this will wind up being the most expensive divorce case in the history of the State of California," says Knight. "They’re estimating $19 mllion dollars in legal fees when this is all said and done."

Who gets the fees? For Jamie: David Boies, who handled the Gore side of Bush v. Gore, plus the challenge to Proposition 8. For Frank: Steven Sussman, a fierce litigator. Neither specializes in divorce cases, and "They’re currently together working on a class action suit by a bunch of fishermen in the Gulf of Mexico against BP," says Knight. "So they’re actually working together on a case right now and they’re gonna square off against each other, which is gonna be just fantastic theater."

The show has an 11-day run that starts today.