LA city attorney prosecutes building owner for supergraphics

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The city of Los Angeles Friday arrested another building owner for erecting a giant super-graphic billboard.

It’s the second arrest in the L.A. city attorney’s quest to crack down on super-graphics – multi-story vinyl billboards advertisers hang on the side of buildings without permits.

Deputy City Attorney Jacquelyn Lawson said the billboards are a fire and rescue hazard.

“If there was someone trapped in that building with these super graphics attached, the firefighters cannot see through the super graphics to see which windows where people might be trapped," Lawson said.

Siamak Michael Rahimi and two companies - LAX Enterprises LP and Westside Investment Group - face 48 criminal counts. The charges involve two super-graphics advertising the “O” Hotel and Guess Jeans on the side of Rahimi's building on Sepulveda Boulevard near LAX. Rahimi’s free on 75-thousand dollars bail.

Lawson said her office won’t stop with him. "Definitely, there are more filings to come.”

Earlier this year, a federal appeals court rejected arguments that L.A’.s ban on super-graphics was an unconstitutional infringement on free speech.

KPCC wire services contributed to this story.