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Rave promoter Insomniac sues Los Angeles over Tiesto concert cancelation

File photo: Friday of Electric Daisy Carnival 2010, as deadmau5 was playing.
File photo: Friday of Electric Daisy Carnival 2010, as deadmau5 was playing.
Caesar Sebastian/Flickr (Creative Commons licensed)

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Insomniac, Inc. – the promoter for raves and other music shows - is suing the city of Los Angeles for cancelling an October concert at the L.A. Convention Center. Insomniac staged the Electric Daisy Carnival rave event at the Coliseum in June where a 15-year-old girl died of a suspected drug overdose.

Insomniac’s attorney John Lawrence says the L.A. Convention Center’s management ended the contract for the concert about two weeks ago. He says Insomniac has tried to change their minds ever since.

"Well, we want a concert," says Lawrence. "We don’t want a lawsuit."

The October 30 concert was to feature Tiesto, a popular electronic music DJ. Insomniac says it’s produced five sold-out Tiesto performances in L.A. in the last two years.

Lawrence says after a recent success at the Shrine Auditorium, his clients made a deal with the convention center. But that was before Insomniac’s Electric Daisy Carnival at the Coliseum – and the death of 15-year-old attendee Sasha Rodriguez. Now, the convention center wants out of its deal with Insomniac.

Lawrence calls that a breach of contract. “The events are very, very different," says Lawrence. "This is a much more confined event in an arena venue with seating patrons and a show going on.”

The coliseum event’s age limit was 16 and older. Insomniac says it planned to limit the Tiesto concert to fans 18 or older. Convention center executives are not commenting on the lawsuit.