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Aide to Sen. Boxer busted for pot

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Police in the nation’s capital arrested a senior aide to Democratic U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer for carrying marijuana to work.

It’s pretty casual around Capitol Hill when lawmakers are away. That usually means employees wear flip flops and no ties.

Marcus Stanley had pot in his pocket when he arrived to work in the Hart Senate Office Building. Capitol Police arrested him when he allegedly tried to “remove and conceal” his stash as he passed through the security entrance.

Stanley was a senior economic advisor to Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer. A spokesman for Boxer says the Senator accepted Stanley’s quick resignation because his actions “were wrong and unacceptable.”

It’s not the first time Capitol Police have confiscated marijuana on the Hill. In a year and a half, they’ve busted more than a dozen pot-toting visitors to the Capitol.

In November, California voters will decide whether to legalize marijuana. Boxer – a three-term incumbent running for re-election - and her Republican opponent Carly Fiorina oppose Proposition 19.