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Democratic Hispanics say economy would have been worse if GOP was in power

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis addresses Hispanic conference
Labor Secretary Hilda Solis addresses Hispanic conference
Kitty Felde/KPCC

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Democrats continued their message for the midterm election: if the Republicans had been in charge, the economy would have been much worse. Key Democrats made that point at the kickoff of a national Hispanic conference.

Labor Secretary Hilda Solis called the economic downturn “almost a depression.” But she told a packed auditorium at the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute conference that without the economic stimulus package, more jobs would have disappeared. "I can tell you that that unemployment rate that we’re talking about right now would be at least 2 percent higher."

Los Angeles Congressman Xavier Becerra said the economy was in a ditch when Democrats took the White House. "We’re on track to create in this year alone more jobs than in the previous eight years of the previous administration," he said. "Not fast enough to take care of the 8 million who lost them, but certainly now we’re gaining them."

Becerra said the downturn hit the Hispanic community particularly hard. He said half the homes lost to foreclosure in California belong to Latinos.