Fiorina questions Boxer's military support

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U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer – who’s in a tough fight to save her job – is defending her votes on military spending.

On the campaign trail, Boxer’s Republican opponent Carly Fiorina repeatedly questioned the Democratic incumbent’s support for the military. The former chief of Hewlett Packard pointed to Boxer’s vote against a supplemental funding bill for Iraq and Afghanistan seven years ago.

“She voted against body armor, she voted against brain trauma and post traumatic stress syndrome. She voted against extended family leave for their families.”

During a campaign stop in Los Angles last week, Boxer said she’s supported 85% of all military spending bills - including funding for body armor - since she took office in 1993.

Boxer said she voted against the 2003 legislation because it failed to include a timeline for US withdrawal from Iraq.

“They didn’t have an exit strategy from Iraq. I believed, as you know, that we needed to get out of there.”

To demonstrate that she cares about the military, Boxer visited a U.S.C. program that uses computer simulations to train social workers on ways to counsel combat veterans with post traumatic stress disorder. She helped to secure funding for the program.

Fiorina characterizes Boxer’s claim that she supports veterans as “an insult.”