Brown pressures Whitman on Prop 23

"I have an insider's knowledge, but an outsider's mind," former California governor Jerry Brown says.
Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP

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Democratic candidate for governor Jerry Brown sought to turn up the heat on Republican Meg Whitman Monday over her refusal to take a position on Proposition 23.

During a visit to a Los Angeles company that designs and installs photovoltaic and solar thermal systems, Brown said again that he opposes Proposition 23.

The November ballot measure would suspend new regulations to combat global warming until the state’s unemployment rate reaches 5.5 percent or below for four consecutive quarters. Brown said it’s shortsighted to shelve those regulations.

Whitman’s refused to take a position on Prop 23. But she has expressed concerns that the new rules would boost energy costs and hurt businesses. She’s proposed her own one-year moratorium on the landmark Global Warming Solutions Act known as AB32.

Analysts say the Republican may be reluctant to endorse Prop 23 because polls suggest that the independent voters she needs to attract tend to be concerned about global warming and the environment.

The Whitman camp said she’d take a position on Prop 23 — and the other measures on the November ballot — by early next week.

KPCC wire services contributed to this report.