Thousands to scrub state beaches on California Coastal Cleanup Day

A polystyrene container lies on a beach. File photo.
A polystyrene container lies on a beach. File photo.
Wonderlane/Flickr CC

Summer’s over; now it’s time to clean up the beach.

Saturday marks the annual California Coastal Cleanup Day, sponsored by the state Coastal Commission. Thousands of volunteers will pick up trash at beaches, lakes and rivers around the state.

The environmental group Heal The Bay organizes cleanup teams at L.A. County beaches. Eveline Bravo — the environmental group’s Coastal Cleanup Day manager — is expecting 14,000 volunteers at 62 L.A. County beach sites.

"The cleanup starts at 9:00 a.m.," said Bravo. "In some areas, it starts a little bit earlier so we actually suggest that you get there before 9:00 a.m. It wraps up at noon so it’s a three-hour long cleanup and all they really need to participate is very high spirits."

Bravo says the No. 1 piece of trash they collect is always the same: cigarette butts.

"We literally pick out millions of cigarette butts in one single day in only three hours, " said Bravo.

The Heal The Bay website has a free parking placard that volunteers can download and print before they head to a beach cleanup site.

If you’re looking to help pick up a trash at an Orange County beach, there's a link to the list on this page.