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Congressman David Dreier says GOP-led Congress would make 'Barack Obama a better president'

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It’s getaway time in Washington, as members of Congress head home to campaign for the mid-term elections. Speaking on a flight to southern California, Republican Congressman David Dreier of San Dimas made the case that a GOP takeover of the US House and Senate would reduce legislative gridlock.

David Dreier says he "truly" believes that if the GOP wins the majority on November second, "that we will make Barack Obama a better President."

He cites the bipartisan work accomplished during the Clinton administration when there was a Republican Congress, "bringing about major reform of the welfare structure, putting into place pro-growth economic policies."

There’s a lot of flux right now in the Republican Party and it’s likely that a lot of more conservative members will be elected and there’s going to be a lot of pressure to try to make those people happy and that doesn’t necessarily lead to any kind of bipartisanship. So why is Dreier optimistic that a Republican led House or Senate would lead to progress?

Dreier says just as "there are pressures and tensions within the Democratic caucus today, we will have them within the Republican conference as we grow. It’s going to be a management challenge, no doubt about it."

Dreier is back in his San Dimas district, working on his 15th re-election bid.