Malibu park provides green space, water treatment

MALIBU - Malibu's new 15-acre central park is more than just a tree-laden green space featuring public art and winding pathways through rolling hills. It's also an "environmental cleaning machine," capable of treating about two million gallons of stormwater runoff every day.

Buried under the $50-million Malibu Legacy Park, which opens Saturday, is a system of pipes and filters that will remove bacteria, metals and trash from runoff water that has long contaminated Malibu Creek, Malibu Lagoon and Surfrider Beach.

The Los Angeles Times reports the city raised $25 million to buy the property in the center of town, then collected $13 million more to build the park. Celebrity donors included Tom Hanks, Don Henley and Rob Reiner.


Information from: Los Angeles Times.

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