Fiorina says Boxer trading earmarks for campaign donations

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Republican Senate candidate Carly Fiorina claims Democratic U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer is exchanging earmarks for campaign cash.

At issue, says Fiorina, is a fundraiser by the Washington, D.C. firm Alcalde and Fay. The firm is sponsoring a fundraiser for Boxer’s re-election campaign, months after winning a federal earmark for one its clients, the Golden Gate Bridge Highway and Transportation District. Fiorina’s campaign told the Associated Press that Boxer got an earmark worth almost $2 million for construction work designed to help the bridge withstand a major earthquake.

Fiorina, who trails Boxer in the polls, says the incumbent’s requested more than $6.5 million in earmarks for projects represented by Alcalde and Fay. She says Boxer shouldn’t take campaign money from the firm, and shouldn’t seek earmarks when the federal government’s facing a massive deficit.

A spokeswoman for the senator says there’s no connection between the projects and fundraising. And she says the earmarks are examples of how Boxer fights for money that will create jobs in California.