Imperial Stars' guitarist defends 101 Freeway stunt

Members of the Imperial Stars band.
Members of the Imperial Stars band.

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A day after bringing traffic along the 101 Freeway in Hollywood to a standstill, the guitarist for the band whose bus was turned into an impromptu stage defended their actions.

Keith Yackey told KPCC's Alex Cohen that the band was motivated by wanting to bring awareness to child homelessness in America.

"We were thinking we needed to do something big to grab the attention of the American people to this cause of the 1.5 million homeless children," he said.

The impromptu jam session blocked three lanes of the 101 near Sunset and enraged many of the commuters stuck in traffic.

Yackey denied their stunt was simply meant to generate album sales.

"A lot of people will second guess our motives," he said, "but we put our money where our mouth is."

Fifty percent of sales of the band's single "Traffic Jam" will go to John Burton Foundation to help alleviate child homelessness, Yackey said.

The Westminster-based band now faces misdemeanor conspiracy charges for their actions. Police also impounded the band's bus and equipment.

When asked if it was worth all the criticism they received, Yackey said their actions raised awareness for a great cause.

"I don't think we could've found another venue and been as effective."