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Schwarzenegger tweets about Calif. governor's race

California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Han Myung-Gu/Getty Images

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Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger was in London today where he told British Prime Minister David Cameron “not to be an economic girlie-man.” The Governor also found time to Twitter his way into California’s political fray.

Governor Schwarzenegger used his 140 characters to slam both the Democratic and Republican candidates who want to replace him in Sacramento.

A tweet from Val - who described herself as a “photographer” and “dreamer” - asked what the Governor thought about a campaign aide to Democrat Jerry Brown calling GOP rival Meg Whitman a “whore.” Schwarzenegger said “that word is unacceptable.”

But Whitman didn’t escape the tweet attack. Another tweet from “Jash” – who said he’s “saving the world from neocons and libertarians one tweet at a time” - asked Schwarzeneger what he thought about “eMeg selling her vote to the police union.”

Schwarzenegger wrote that “anyone, Republican or Democrat, who catered to unions by trying to block public employee pension reform should explain why they’re fit” to be elected.

Schwarzenegger has yet to endorse any gubernatorial candidate.