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Riverside County water experts host workshop on future water demands

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Riverside County water experts are hosting a public workshop this morning on the region’s future demands. It’s at the county headquarters. The task force plans to recommend conservation measures that could help the county’s over-taxed water supply last longer.

The Riverside County Water Task Force says “no other issue looms larger than an adequate and affordable water supply.” Prolonged drought has placed fresh water supplies under increased pressure. So has a court-ordered reduction of water from the San Joaquin River Delta – where pumping limits are in effect to protect the endangered Delta smelt.

California water supplies did get a boost this year after heavier-than-usual snowfall. That enabled the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California to broker a deal with its Central Valley counterparts.

The agency held a large volume of water in reserve for Valley farms at Diamond Valley Lake in Hemet. In return, the regional water district gets a share of the water – enough to supply thousands of homes.

Now, the aim is to make the most of that water through better management practices and stringent conservation efforts.