Carly Fiorina stumps for votes at Leisure World

Carly Fiorina speaking to seniors at Leisure World
Carly Fiorina speaking to seniors at Leisure World
Kitty Felde

On the last weekend before Tuesday’s election, candidates are trying to get as many voters to the polls as possible. Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer visited a Los Angeles phone bank on Saturday. Her Republican opponent Carly Fiorina stopped by Leisure World in Seal Beach to deliver her message to a roomful of seniors.

Carly Fiorina quoted from the Constitution, saluted veterans in the room, and sang the praises of small businesses, like the one where she started as a Kelly Girl.

Fiorina spoke quietly and without a podium, making the campaign event seem intimate, despite the crowd of several hundred in the audience. Fiorina launched a pointed attack on government spending and on her opponent Barbara Boxer. "The truth is," she said, "people are kind of tired of professional politicians because they go to Washington and they stay forever and they decide that the way to stay is to keep giving away taxpayer money in order to get re-elected and they forget that it’s actually not about their job. It’s about everybody else’s job."

Fiorina promised no new taxes, a cap on government spending, and a repeal of the health care law. In many cases, she was preaching to the choir. Several of the seniors in the audience said they had already cast their ballots by mail…for Fiorina.

Speaking later with reporters, Fiorina said most polls show her just a few points behind. "This is a very tight race," she said, "and Barbara Boxer knows it. And when you are a three term incumbent senator and you can’t get above 45% of the vote, and she hasn’t been able to get above 45% of the vote for an entire year now, you are in deep trouble."

Both the most recent LA Times and Field polls show Fiorina's Democratic opponent Barbara Boxer above that 45% threshold.