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Barbara Boxer urges volunteers to get out the vote

Barbara Boxer at firefighter union hall
Barbara Boxer at firefighter union hall
Kitty Felde/KPCC

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Candidates are crisscrossing the state today, looking for undecided voters. On Sunday, GOP senatorial candidate Carly Fiorina campaigned in Palm Desert and Fresno. Democrat Barbara Boxer dropped by a phone bank at a firefighters union hall in Rosemead to juice up the volunteers.

Barbara Boxer was joined by a pair of Democratic congresswomen, Judy Chu and Lucille Roybal-Allard, and Labor Secretary Hilda Solis. Boxer told union members how when she was a child, her immigrant mother took her into the polling booth and even let her to pull the lever. She encouraged union members to get others to the polls for Tuesday’s election.

Boxer accused her GOP opponent Carly Fiorina of siding with special interests. But she found humor in some of Fiorina’s campaign literature. She said Fiorina's campaign has dug up "the worst pictures that have been taken of me in the history of my life. The last picture I look exhausted. So I said to my husband, ‘well at least that proves I take the people’s problems to heart.’"

Boxer was asked whether the worst of the recession was over. The three-term senator said she didn’t want to say we’ve turned the corner – yet. "But I can say this," she said. "We have stopped getting into a worse situation. We have walked away from looking at the precipice, at the great depression. We definitely have pulled back. Now we’re in slow economic growth and the next step is to ratchet it up."

Despite the intense media blitz, one volunteer said she still encounters voters who don’t know who’s running in Tuesday’s election.