Riverside County voters pass salary caps, term limits

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Voters in Riverside County approved a slew of new measures that impose strict salary caps and term limits on elected officials.

Voters in Murrieta okayed a trio of measures aimed at trimming officials’ pay and limiting their time in office. One holds salaries at 15 percent of Murrieta’s median household income of about $90,000.

Another caps pay for city managers. Voters also approved term limits that restrict council members to no more than eight consecutive years in office.

Some Murrieta officials say the new restrictions will make it tough for the city to offer competitive salaries and attract skilled leaders.

Voters from Indian Wells approved a measure that limits the mayor and council to a pair of consecutive four-year terms. The city of Menifee passed similar term limits.

Hemet voters got even tougher. They’ve restricted elected officials to no more than three four-year terms during a lifetime.

Term limit opponents worry that because of these measures, inexperienced newcomers will replace many solid public servants.