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Few new California faces on Capitol Hill

California Assembly Speaker Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles).
California Assembly Speaker Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles).
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Two California Congressional races are still too close to call. But come January, California’s congressional delegation will be full of familiar faces.

A pair of races might not be decided for weeks. Democratic incumbent Jerry McNerney is barely ahead of his GOP rival David Harmer in the race for the sprawling 11th Congressional District that runs from the East Bay to the Central Valley. In Fresno, the race between incumbent Democrat Jim Costa and Republican challenger Andy Vidak is still too close to call.

But setting aside those two races, every other congressional incumbent was returned to office by California voters. There will be two freshmen from California – both elected from districts where the incumbent retired.

Former Assembly Speaker Karen Bass, a Democrat, will replace retiring Democrat Diane Watson in Los Angeles. Another state legislator, Republican Jeff Denham, will replace retiring GOP Congressman George Radonovich in the Central Valley.

The new Congress begins its term in January.