LA City Council ignores Arizona boycott, buys police Tasers from Scottsdale company

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The Los Angeles City Council voted today to keep buying police Tasers from an Arizona-based company, despite the city’s economic boycott of that state.

The boycott seeks to pressure Arizona into repealing its new law that allows local police to check the immigration status of people they stop, and to hand them over to federal authorities if they suspect that they’re undocumented.

But Los Angeles police officials say Scottsdale-based Taser International makes the best electroshock weapons around. L.A.’s Harbor and Airport Police also use the company’s tasers to subdue suspects. So the City Council granted an exemption.

L.A.’s also exempted Arizona-based companies that operate the city’s red light cameras and run Super Shuttle vans at Los Angeles International Airport.

In addition to economic pressure, opponents including the Obama administration have launched legal challenges to the Arizona law.

KPCC Wire Services contributed to this report.