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'Pandemonium' playing at UCLA's Royce Hall

"Pandemonium: Lost and Found Orchestra."
Courtesy Luke Cresswell/Pandemonium

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Luke Cresswell, the creator of the globally popular dance show “Stomp,” has now applied his percussive creativity to a new show called “Pandemonium.” It opens tonight at UCLA’s Royce Hall.

“Where ‘Stomp’ is like eight people, and 'Stomp' is primarily about using rhythms and language, ‘Pandemonium’ is taking that concept further and introducing melody,” explains Cresswell.

The melody comes from found objects — such as saws instead of a violin section, and “kids' woorly tubes” instead of a choir.

“It’s a totally different journey,” says Cresswell.

With “Pandemonium,” the set is made out of the instruments and there are about 50 people on stage. Put together, the eclectic group of musicians and instruments have been nicknamed the "Lost and Found Orchestra."

"It's making theater from a musician’s point-of-view," says Cresswell.

Here’s a taste of the “Pandemonium” U.S. tour: