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Los Angeles's Fred Jordan Mission plans to serve thousands of turkeys

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The Fred Jordan Mission in downtown Los Angeles plans to serve up Thanksgiving with turkey drumsticks and gift bags. On Monday, the staff was preparing for the big day.

A string of deliveries left pallets of potatoes, onions and beverages spread all over the mission’s dining room.

President Willie Jordan says that on Thursday, volunteers will arrange long rows of double tables down the middle of the room, "and a tray goes down the center and on either side, you have people filing the plates with the candied yams, the green beans, the stuffing, the turkey..."

... and lots of pie. Jordan says the non-profit does it all with cash and food donations, and doesn’t charge diners a dime.

All it asks of volunteers is that each brings at least one pie. "And last year we had over 3,000 volunteers. We had as many volunteers as we had guests to serve.”

Jordan says it never turns away a guest, regardless of his or her financial situation. The Fred Jordan Mission on Downtown’s Skid Row plans to serve about 2,600 meals starting at about 11 o’clock Thanksgiving morning.