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More threats against UCLA animal research scientist Jentsch

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Extremist opponents of animal research have stepped up their threats against UCLA psychiatry researcher David Jentsch. The threats call on him to stop using rodents and monkeys in lab experiments.

Jentsch has received written threats before. But the one in his mail last week was unlike the others.

"I opened one letter in particular, a non-descript white letter, and razor blades spilled out onto the floor, and I unfolded the paper part of the letter and read it and it contained quite graphic threats to murder me," he said.

One of Jentsch’s female graduate students received a similar threat. It’s the first time, he says, that the group has targeted graduate students.

On a website, a group that calls itself the Justice Department denounces Jentsch and other scientists as “vivisectors” and vows violent acts against them to stop the suffering of animals. The group says recent prosecutions of animal research opponents prompted them to step up their threats against the researchers.

David Jentsch says UCLA has added security at his home. His research seeks better treatments for drug addiction and schizophrenia through experiments on animals.