Survey: iPad tops kids' wish lists

Apple’s iPad is a hot holiday gift this year — for kids, too.
Apple’s iPad is a hot holiday gift this year — for kids, too.
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A new Nielsen survey suggests that Apple's iPad is the most desired electronic item for the holidays among kids ages 6- to 12-years-old.

The survey, which Nielsen conducted in October, found nearly one-third of kids (31 percent) want an iPad in the next six months. The iPod Touch and "a computer" tied for second, followed by the Nintendo DS or DSi hand-held gaming system.

New York Times technology columnist David Pogue says he was initially surprised kids that young would want an iPad.

“But then I remembered early on when the iPad first came out there were these marginal bloggers and pundits who raised an interesting point," says Pogue. "This thing is a full-blown computer, a powerful one, with no traditional operating system, so there aren’t menus and sub-menus and folders and commands.”

Pogue says that makes it a perfect device for young kids as well as older people. He sees the evidence in his own house: his six-year-old son likes to play with the iPad and "kicks and screams" when it's taken away.